Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sulayman continued: Travelling by Wind

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This post will cover one of the special blessings given to Sulayman (as).

Sulayman (as) made dua to Allah to give him a kingdom like none given to any other before him.  Allah accepted the dua of Sulayman (as) and one of the blessings granted to him was a unique and amazing quality to possess.  The Quran mentions this special ability in several places:

 He turned to Us and prayed: ‘Lord forgive me! Grant me such power as no one after me will have- You are the Most Generous Provider.’  So We gave him power over the wind, which at his request ran gently wherever he willed (Surah Sad: 35- 36)

We harnessed the stormy wind for Solomon, so that it sped by his command to the land We had blessed- We have knowledge of all things (Surah Al-Anbiya’: 81)

And [We subjected] the wind for Solomon. Its outward journey took a month, and its return journey likewise... (Surah Saba’: 12)

Sulayman (as) travelled in unique style throughout the Holy Land as Allah gave him the power to travel via the wind.  Allah gave his prophet Sulayman (as) control over the wind as far as the distance of a month so he travelled on the wind throughout his kingdom as he pleased.  It is said that Sulayman (as) took a rug and had it reinforced with wood, using this rug to travel in the wind wherever he liked and at whatever speed, due to this gift given to him by Allah.

I have not given the full translation of the last ayah I quoted in this post (Surah Saba', verse 12) as the verse covers some of the other blessings given to Sulayman (as).  InshaAllah future posts will cover these.

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