Sunday, 10 August 2014

Israel's Latest War Crimes

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The latest war crimes in a very long line.

There is no need to detail them here.  They are all over our television screens, the mainstream media, social media and elsewhere.  You just need to look.

Day by day, the state of Israel reveals its ugly, true colours, and day by day more people are opening their eyes to this brutal and inhumane reality.  Just as the Nazis were defeated, just as South African Apartheid was overthrown, so will the chains of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine and its war crimes against its besieged and bleeding people be overcome inshaAllah

Nobody can claim the demand for peace and justice in Palestine is now just an Arab or a Muslim one.  This is a global voice- of all backgrounds, races, ages, genders, religions- brought together by our shared humanity.  

Take heed Israel: You may have the F-16s and the chemical weapons, but these can never crush the spirit of a people created free!

Take heed Israel: We are watching you, documenting your crimes, boycotting you, campaigning against you and we- humanity- will bring you to account, just as we brought those who committed genocide before you to account.

This post ends with the rousing and inspirational words of Barnaby Raine, 19 years old.  I am so very proud and humbled that these are the type of teenagers we are producing in our schools and universities in twenty-first century Britain.