A Beautiful Exception

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

When I started this blog I made a strict promise with myself to only post content related to Al Quds and Palestine generally.  Even important news stories, of great significance but unconnected to Palestine, are banned.  Why the strict filter?  Purely because I do not want to lose sight of my purpose, which is telling the history and story of Palestine and its people.

Today I've decided to make one exception to that rule.  I want to post a video which has no direct connection with the purpose/topic of my blog.  However, I was so touched by the example and inspiration of this young person that I wanted to post his interview on my blog.  Muslim or not, this young brother's beautiful faith and patience is a lesson for us all.

(Interview starts about 10 minutes into the video)  

May Allah s.w.t grant our beautiful brother Sanel and his family Jannatul Firdous (the highest level of Paradise) and may He let him run around laughing and playing in Jannah, in a body which is the most beautiful and most perfect. Aameen.